Saturday, March 26, 2011

What is has almost been a year!!

Ok I know what you are thinking, what she is back!! I know I have been horrible, I am going to get back on track, I have gotten too many complaints about how they are sick of seeing posts about I updating.

WE HAD A BOY!!! baby James Floyd Demke was born Aug 7, 2010 he came out with flaming red hair and I said take him back haha no not really but lets be honest I never thought that we would have a red headed kid, but he is the stinkin cutest red head ever. He has been the best baby ever I know the lord was looking out for me and knew exactly who to send to us, James has been such a blessing and I love him so much.

So I thought I would share a few of the current photos to get me started back into blogging I hope you enjoy, and I promise I will keep this a regular accurance.

Yep I was born in 2010

Already drinking the hard stuff (no not really)

I am such a happy boy!! starting to sit up!!

Grandpa has way to much fun with me on fridays when he babysits.

Christmas time at G-ma and G-pa rushtons house with all the bears (where is james)

Christmas Time!!!

He got his very first fishing pole grandpa is excited

We have had such a fun time with this sweet little guy he is our angel and our everything cant wait to post about our next big thing!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

July 4th celebration!

Going to the cabin is something that we love to do, so for July 4th were else do we go but up to the cabin. Of course it is an hour away, and we all know pregnancy is not good for the bladder, it took me 2 stops to the restroom to make it... not fun.

Craig likes to play with his food while we make it haha, he was such a big help though
Of course the men had to do a manly project... and that is when the tire swing was born.
And the women... we put together a quilt for baby James, so cute!!
me sportin the beatles shirt at 8 months prego!!
ps. I was in the target the other day and bought cute baby James a beatles shirt, it is so cute I cant wait till he is big enough to wear it!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

A very special Fathers day!!

This year we were able to celebrate 3 amazing dads.
Even though baby James isnt here yet I still wanted to let Craig know that he has already started to show signs of being an amazing daddy. I know that when baby James is kicking so strong its just because he wants to come out and play with his dad, and every time craig puts his hand on my stomach when he is kicking he always seems to calm down. So I gave Craig a book with a fun little bookmark for craig to read to baby James, and that night he read that book to him for the first time. He is going to be an amazing dad and I cant wait for us to meet our cute little one.
We had an amazing dinner with Craig's family to celebrate Tom, he has been such a wonderful example to Craig we are so blessed.

And even though we were camping on fathers day we still managed to bring up a german chocolate cake!
I love my dad, he has always been there for me, and I have been truly blessed to be his daughter!!

G & G reunion

This year the G & G reunion was camping up at Pine Valley. You know a camping trip starts out bad when it takes you a hour to find the campsite... yep we were last ones to show up and we thought we would just be able to find everyone, we were wrong we drove for ever and then finally decided to ask for directions from the ranger, but after two bathroom stops and alot of driving we finally found it.

Craig had a little shadow the whole time (look at those cute little pouty lips) do you think we need a boy in our lives?
It wouldnt be camping with out fishing, I swear my Grandpa was in heaven when all the grandkids would come up and want to go fishing. With raising 4 girls my dad was always baiting and gutting the fish we caught, but I am surprised how gutsy my nieces and nephews are, they love to put the bait on themselves and are for sure not afraid of the fish.
The fish were tiny!!!
There was also alot ALOT of down time, which ment time for a little snooze... sorry Heidi I had to put this one on there.
Helping out with dinner.
Is Kayson really getting this big? He is almost taller than his mamma. I cant believe he is a deacon now time is flying!!
Me and my honey... Camping at 32 weeks pregnant was no piece of cake, I had to get up at least twice every night to go walk to the porta potty's and my cute honey would wake up with me so I wouldnt have to go alone... needless to say we didnt sleep much, but I am so grateful for him and his love for me.

They are just too cute!!

The originals... yep me and my mom often wear the same shirt haha!!
4 girls I dont know how they did it. I am so blessed.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The pool is up, summer is here!!

Yep I put the pictures in the wrong order... go me
Every summer my parents put up what they call the poor mans pool, it sits above ground and gets used alot by the grandkids we love it!! Last year our cute little dog annie chewed a hole in the pool, so as a result this year we got a bigger and better pool, which ment more labor to put it up so we called in the recruits... the Gunn family!!
They thought they were peguins when the water was first being poured in to it!
Yep little spencer was such a big help

And miss Emily kept taking all the pieces to the pool, no wonder it took forever!!
This was the beginning, with the finally stages being a big giant pool.

Being pregnant in the summer time having this pool has really helped to relax in and excercise in, since I cant get up at 5 am any more to go to the gym.

Emily turns 8

Cute little Emily Emily Emily was baptised the end of May and I swear she was so spoiled for her birthday, the weekend of her birthday she got to ditch her family and spend the weekend with grandma and grandpa, us (her favorites), and aunt hailey, then we had a big celebration for her baptism, and to top it off the next week we decided to go to her favorite resturant Samuri 21 where she got a cheesecake that she didnt even share with the rest of us haha, but lets be honest how could you resist such a cute little face. I love her so much and we are both so proud of her.
Not only was Emily baptised but so was her cousin on the Gunn side Abe.
My dad had to give a talk on the holy ghost which he did an amazing job... he is such a great speaker, no wonder they called him to be a high counsel men, someone needs to bring some humor to the third sunday.
My parents are so happy to be grandparents.

Tile Job

In May Me, Craig, Craig's brother Joe and his wife Jen drove to Salt lake to help lay tile in my Grandma's house, well I didnt do much tile laying I left that up to the boys. They ripped up the carpet to have a fresh start.
Yep snow, what a weird spring and summer that we are having I cant figure it out. We woke up to snow in the end of may... so weird.
While the boys were having fun bonding and laying tile Jen and I went shopping and played around, it was a blast. We went to all these cute little boutiques and baby shopping I loved it.

The tile turned out so good, I love having a handy man husband around to always be willing to lend a hand.